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Honeymoon bed ford inn hotels

Spend A Romantic Honeymoon
At The Bedford Inn
With Your Loved One

    Honeymoon across the globe without leaving the comfort of southeast Michigan.

    Whether you're planning your first honeymoon, your second, your third, an anniversary vacation, or just a spontaneous weekend getaway, the Bedford Inn in southeast Michigan offers you the opportunity to spend that special time in a romantic and exotic location without leaving the comfort of southeast Michigan. Be it tropical Hawaii, mysterious ancient Egypt, the exotic Orient, or any other of the exciting locations that our inviting themed honeymoon suites can conjure up, there's no need travel far for a romantic getaway you'll never forget.

    At the Bedford Inn, we provide not only the ideal honeymoon location, but also a beautiful location in southeast Michigan for your own outdoor wedding. Our gazebo, located in a warm, lush, grassy opening, underneath a clear blue sky, is the perfect setting for the two of you to declare your love for each other before friends and family. Make it a moment they'll look back on with fond memories for years to come.

    Use of the gazebo for your outdoor wedding comes complimentary with a stay in any of our honeymoon suites. Call for your reservation today! Please reserve gazebo at least one month in advance of wedding.